Arab Men and Women #5: Mating

In the most animal sense of the word, mating is exactly what I meant, you read it right.

And be forewarned, this post should be read in open-mindedness or else it can be very offensive and ridiculously misunderstood.


I can safely generalize and say that mating is the center point of life in the Arab world. It’s the essence and the end-goal itself.

It starts from childhood.

The boy hears his father bragging about how many male kids he managed to produce, and the mother starts preparing her daughter to join the cycle of production in a very young age.

Young daughters, at a very early age, when the mind is fresh and is capable of  recording whatever the ear hears, start hearing stories in women sessions about marriage. Who got married to who, and who is searching for a bride to her son, and who is prettier enough to manage to marry that doctor…and who can cook better food to please the aspiring husbands….and so forth.

It all comes down to production. Getting married to have kids, and join the natural food chain.

Daughters grow up, only to watch series about women getting married and produce kids. Sloppy video clips about a girl who’s devastated because she couldn’t manage to convince her boy friend to join the food chain with her.

Boys also, hear and see stories about ideal good men who managed to get college degrees and got married to produce other kids…and join the food chain. To please their aging parents, because this is the only thing that parents seem to get, who dare to displease parents at this age ?

It’s all about mating.

Guys are highly encouraged to join GYMs. It’s the trend now, It’s a trend now: to tone up at the gym, and not to get healthier or anything, no; of course NOT!  It’s for the sole purpose of seducing cylinder mammals from the other gender. Because, as some of you know, when a girl have average or slightly above average facial features….she tend to be picky when in certain age range. when a girl has average or slightly above average facial features, she tends to be picky during a certain age range. She will prefer a male who is, well, less of a loser than the rest of males

Mating is everywhere: songs,movies, series, women sessions, men sagas in cafes and gahawi sheeshaa etc…

Personal Note:

I wrote this post while practicing extreme anger management techniques. It’s so sad that previous generation was so deranged in a silly way. They’re irresponsible, and unfortunately, managed to produce a more irresponsible generation.

We live in one of the most disturbed areas of the world, yet the land we live on is the richest land on earth. We have occupations and wars that tore us apart for the last two centuries. Genocides take place on a monthly basis. Our lands are burned and our people are being massacred so that oil companies and weapons manufacturers can grow richer and stronger ,and yet marriage is all that mothers care about ? Then mothers, go to hell.

Unless and until we wake up and take responsibilities, then may God have mercy on us. Unless we wake up and take our responsibilities to the heart, then we will never join the rest of the world. We will stay behind. People have reached the moon, and we’re still bragging about our mating adventures.

This post is dedicated to the few good men and women  who take the responsibility of advancing this nation on their shoulders.


11 Responses to Arab Men and Women #5: Mating

  1. sharifo says:


    kol el e7teram wallah !

    bas mesh el food chain hadi…fe6ra…maybe presented in a wrong way nowadays but still is the natural phase you’ll get into it, like it or not !!!

    It comes in the human package baby !!

  2. Amira says:

    wonderfully put!

  3. […] It’s all about morals. It’s all about portraying herself as the perfect conservative Arab wife who happens to be the dream of every Arab guy (mating anybody?). […]

  4. mi7amad 3urabi says:

    so true!!!

  5. ehm wdh! says:

    no offence but ur really an idiot if u believe that moon landing “made up in hollywood” thing!

    reminds me of nancy ajram, haifa wehbe and co who admire madonna, while she could almost get a speak person working for the israeli govt, while them lot sing when lebanon is being torn apart. contradictions.

    then we say may allah have mercy upon us, may we be wealthy or poor, being killed or killing.

    end of

  6. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Amira:

    thanks !

    @ M7ammad:

    thanks !

    @ ehm wdh:

    So you believe the moon thing was a hollywood thing, even till now ?

    Ok whatever, I’m not gonna argue about that ,I used it as a metaphor.

  7. Rayan says:

    with all due respect you really exaggerate in your blogs, arab dont give mating or sex much though as american or other european people do, all what these foreigners think about is SEX, SEX & even more SEX…they think about their sex life’s all the time

  8. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Rayan:

    by mating I was referring to marriage here 🙂

    and bragging about relationships…yes we do generalize and sometimes exaggerate…that’s what this blog is all about…and glad to see you here 🙂

  9. Abdullah says:

    I think I get the point but idk about that last part. I think marriage is excellent and should be encouraged even more and being “boyfriend-girlfriend” should be discouraged in our societies. And I am Khaleeji (Saudi) we already went to space lol

  10. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Abdullah 🙂

  11. sera says:

    IN reply to Rayan, comment

    NOT true, I am an arab female and know a lot of arab males from eygpt lebanon kuwait etc,, sunni alwaie and let me tell you their minds are programmed just like all men around the world, SEX.
    Most of these men are married they party hard leaving their wives at home and flirt like they are single. I think its a case they are not getting enough or ANY at home., LOL so they go look for it
    outside. Or look for women who do things sexually
    that their wives wont perform for them. Get the drift
    Its true this is the makeup of a males body were as women are more emotional than sexual . Not swaying women dont like or think of sex but not as ofoften as men do and for the majority of men its a daily THING like from the crack of dawn LOL…

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