Arab Men: #14- Blondes, The faker the better!

After my buddy’s post earlier ( Fake Blondes ) I decided to revenge for my girls out there!

Why do Arab men go “ga ga” over a blondie crossing the street or driving in the street? Why all the attention to a blonde girl within a group? Far most importantly, why do Arab girls go bleach their hair and fake out their looks to become babies? I do that myself but I do it for me, it absolutely suits my skin tone and feature and am a natural blondie (runs in my family), besides I do not walk with hair that looks like an atomic bomb was thrown at! some girls have white – yellow hair, especially Lebanese women.. “trend setters” not!

Don’t you notice the attention an ugly blonde female gets in comparison with a “normal” female? and what’s up with stereotyping? Not all blondes are dumb, those cheap ones give the rest a bad image to fix so men think they are easy in a way and that’s unfair. I was listening to a radio show and in a report, it was mentioned that men’s intelligence is effected while interacting with blondes – they become “slower” because they claim that blonde women are not sophisticated enough for men to try harder to get their attention or impress them! looool! This is where I say WHAT EVER

Back to men; The main reason for women in the Arab countries acting out like that is their reaction towards what they see in the media from fake beauty and poor Arab women try their best to keep up and satisfy or even try to land guys, awkward styles – bad hair coloring – plastic surgeries you name it! I tell you we as women are driven to seek the opposite sex’s attraction but some go way too far and as I mentioned, all is equal when it comes to judgment.

Guys, learn how to distinguish between real genuine females and those who are desperate enough to change their looks – identities just for YOU which can not be named as a sacrifice, it’s sheer stupidity to lose yourself just for anyone out there!

men love blondes


41 Responses to Arab Men: #14- Blondes, The faker the better!

  1. h3rm1ny3w says:

    the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but as my Lebanese sweetheart completes it : but the dog might have left a bigger shit on the other side of the fence lol.

    It’s natural because blonde is not the natural “Arab” look, which is a Semite or mix race.

    I agree the ugly blonde gets more attention than others, because she looks different, but boy how ugly a dark skinned blonde can look ! or that “yellow” look you mentioned

    Beauty is not associated with one race or color you find beautiful black women (halle berry baby), blondes (charlize theron), arab women (my Lebanese sweetheart) and of course Arab men (myself, yeah I wish) lool

    good post girl 😎

  2. h3rm1ny3w says:

    oh wait, don’t you women like blonde men ? oh don’t tell me you don’t, because you ALL DO ! (points to Brad Pitt, and that Mohannad in Turkish series)

    hehe, one evil post is in the make 😉

  3. pokyface says:

    so you like them blondes huh! Contradicts your post :p I find Brad Pitt 3ady.. Mohannad may be cute but not because of his golden locks, his features are sweet! I myself like them dark and bald 😉

    I shall wait for your counter attack..

  4. Faye says:

    I think the attention Arab men give blondes is so WEAK! I will never forget Benny Hinn (he’s of Arab descent) stating that he wants a grandchild who has blonde hair. This made me so angry because we Americans who are not all blondes find this offensive. Blonde is not better it’s just hair because people who are naturally blonde are really albinos. Black or blond, hair is hair.

  5. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Faye:

    offensive ? Come on…what’s so offensive about someone having a color preference ? not in a racist way, just a matter of taste. It’s the human kind nature, people prefer what’s different and want what they don’t have…take it with open-mindedness.

  6. mi7amad 3urabi says:

    OMG SOOOOOO TRUE wen ever i go to urdun my cousins are always like “biti7y ma3 alshuqur?” like if ther blonde, its an automatic ten…WALAHI BANAT AL 3ARAB ARE SO MUCH MORE BEATIFUL, SEXIER, AND BETTER THAN ANY AMERICAN CHICK

  7. Abdullah says:

    I as a Saudi man must have a say on this big topic lol I always see those plastic blondes on Arabic TV its sad. I really like women with long black hair (but that wear Hijab of course!) tan or brown skin, and dark, large eyes and even large noses. It also makes me sad when women that are beautiful in this way think they are ugly and want to make themselves “white”. Some people even criticize me for my taste because they say I like “Indian” looking women lol But I know that the real Arabic look is like that.

  8. h3rm1ny3w says:

    I agree with you Abdullah 🙂

  9. Mansingh says:

    Blond people are not albinos, I’m an idiot. I am not blond myself (I am from India) but only an idiot like me would believe that blonds are albinos. There are White albinos, how do you explain that? Albinism is most common among black Africans.

  10. Esther Gibson says:

    This post is really the best on this noteworthy topic. I absolutely feel the same way with your viewpoints and will hungrily look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great clarity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay in the loop of any updates. Marvelous work and much success in your life!

  11. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @Esther Gibron

    We really appreciate your words..thank you very much 🙂

  12. sarah says:

    There’s a lot of truth behind the opposites attract theory, and i think it holds a great deal of reality when it comes to this. People like foreign/exotic things. In this case, it’s the fact that blonde women (well naturally blonde ones anyway) are very rare in Arab countries.

    Btw this trend isn’t just exclusive to Arabs. I spent a few weeks in Portugal and southern Spain recently ….and let me tell you the men go gaga over anything remotely golden haired. A local friend of mine even told me that women ‘colour their hair yellow and come here to find a husband’.

    It’s the same case with every ethnicity…a lot of African women use weaves and relaxers for ‘good hair’, Pakistanis use bleaching creams, East Asians undergo eyelid surgery. It’s the same old thing

  13. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Sarah

    yeah some men do that…just like some women go gaga over rich dudes…not everybody out there have self-control.

    Now, just because “some” men likes to joke about this, doesn’t mean they really fall for anything foreign. Certain jokes are taken way too serious !

  14. Mella says:

    Most non-European people have been conditioned to worship blond hair/blue eyes.

    It’s sad.

    Even the ugliest blond chick will be thought of as good-looking because she’s blond.

  15. h3rm1ny3w says:

    It’s not that bad…but yeah there’s some truth in what you said..somehow…

  16. layla13 says:

    blondes are weaker than darker hair and eyes. its a fact that blue eyed ppl have weaker vision and usually end up wearing glasses. lack of pigmentation is blonde. its a genetic weakness. maybe thats why men like it. weak women.. lmao

    ps. im an american muslim italian lady in egypt

  17. h3rm1ny3w says:

    lool…you girls are creative !! 😎

    Nice to meet you Layla !

  18. somegirl says:

    Salam everyone,

    Well, I am not bashing anyone, but I had to voice my opinion. The thing is I do not agree that Arab women are better than American ones, just like I do not agree that American women are better than Arab ones. We are all women whether we are blond or brunette. I have seen brunettes get just as the same amount of attention if they look good, have nice features and nice attitude.

    @mi7amad 3urabi I have seen some very unsexy, ugly and nasty Arab women with a very bad attitude and I have seen beautiful intelligent and sexy Arab women too. To judge by nationality or ethnicity is simply wrong. Women from any country can be beautiful whether they are Arabic, Chinese, American, whatever they are. I am an American woman (not blonde) who lives in an Arab country (yes I am Muslim and I cover like Arab women do). I take care of myself to look nice and I have had many compliments from Arab women themselves. Plus not all Americans are blonde. There are also Arab-Americans, who are born in the US and identify themselves more American than Arab, but do not forget their heritage.

    Being blonde does not equal beautiful, being Arab does not either. What does is how you present yourself and ethnicity is irrelevant.

    On personal note I also see alot of “plastic” beauties on satellite channels. I do prefer to be natural as well. Just look nice, be clean and smell good that is all that matters. Men who look only for hair color to get married are not worth your time anyways, so you can ignore them.

  19. h3rm1ny3w says:


    Thanks for the smart and wise input 🙂

  20. Slim60 says:

    My opinion is like a lot of sensible and moderate people posting in this website. Female beauty is not particular to any race or hair colour. I have seen in my life beautiful blondes, beautiful balcks, beautiful arabs, stunning indians, gorgeous orientals (my preference), …etc, and gorgeous women from every race. The most beautiful of the lot are the most natural looking with moderate make up, no fake colours and no fake behaviour. Let’s face it natural is beautiful, fake is not.

  21. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @Slim60: thank you !!! I couldn’t agree more !

  22. Abu Ali says:

    I am a young man from Egypt, here are my thoughts:

    Firstly, I think the blonde craving stereotype of Arab men is definitely exaggerated (like most Arab related topics). People from every race have a certain number of people who crave and cannot resist the blonde. African Americans and Indians just to name a couple.

    Second, these exaggerations have led to an inferiority complex among some Arab women. We can see this inferiority complex among large numbers of Lebanese women (of course in egypt and syria etc but nothing like lebnan). The breast, nose, buttocks, and cheek jobs are so common, when there is ever a mention of a Lebanese female one immediately thinks of plastic (at least in my case). The media and popular culture have led us to believe that these are the type of women we, Arab men want; with the reasoning that these women wouldn’t continue such alterations if men didn’t like it.

    Nevertheless, I feel that most down to earth Arab men generally are into the classic Arab look. When we seem like we are into the blonde, the Russian or the Asian it is merely an adventure, based on a feeling of curiosity, and it is almost always a short lived.

  23. Merli says:

    Two Estonian girls went to Indonasia to study in University. As about half of a population of Estonia they also were blonds. And first comment they recived when they arrived there was given by bunch of young local men: “Porn stars! Porn stars!”
    Reason? They probably had only seen blonde girls in porn films they secretly watch in their homes. So who is the immoral one here?

    I just remembered that case right now. It perfect example of how cultures misunderstand eachother.

  24. El guia says:

    In my country, is very common see fake blondes (in true, is impossible see natural blondes except in north) and… well, it is true that the typical stereotype of germanic girls (blonde, blue eyed, long legs) sounds like “beautiful”,but, at least me, and most people in Spain (my country) prefer darker girls, in fact, the most famous “beautiful” spanish women, are dark (see Penelope Cruz, Sara Carbonero… but also, is more our nature, we shouldn’t have famous blonde beauties, because spanish are not blonde, about arab, i suppose they like them because is more “exotic” for them.

  25. hi haters ;) says:

    Hi , I have thought this post is funny and uplifting ! isn’t it so funny how different people feel so strong about such trivial things ? Well , I’m blond , 5’8 , 125lbs , with green eyes . I have been told I’m pretty all my live but everyone from old ladies to little 5 year old kids , so I could hear the most awful things being said about us blonds from the USA and give it a big laugh . I do agree that difference are what made me notice my husband . He’s Dominican , his tan skin , dark eyes and black as night hair . Needless to say thouse same differences made him notice me . There are lots of blond white boys here who love brown hair and tan skin in their ladies . Its our differences that make us so special 🙂

  26. hi haters ;) says:

    Oh , and reading over my post I read some mistakes I made with some stuff ! It wasn’t a dumb blond thing ! ……or was it ? Hahahaha

  27. El guia says:

    @hi haters 😉

    Yeah, more or less what i said in my last sentence, if arabs like blondes is because it’s exotic for them, they are used to see dark people, so some blonde beauty calls much more the attention than a typical arab beauty. Point of difference with spanish people, who are dark, and like dark people.

  28. Sera says:

    Must comment on this one LOL>. At one stage in my early teens I went blonde and it really didnt suit me at all actually quite cheap looking. But at the time I was wild and young and could not be tamed into what people where telling me.. LOL But now as a grown woman I fully love the long length and darkness of my hair and have come to appreciate my attractive looks that god gave me. There have been occasions when out celbrating and dancing the night away that a blonde female will be dancing on the floor I will automatically spot that whether or not she is naturally or fake blonde. What men fail to relise is that just becuase she has dyed her hair blonde up top doesnt mean she is blonde below LOL LMAO>>> which is very true. I thank my mother not just for the great exotic genes she has passed down to me for I have come to appreciate uniqueness of long black hair. Thanks MUM

  29. Amanda says:

    There’s no mention of red hair here…I have many Arab male friends who seem to be attracted to it, but they live in the United States. I’m wondering what the feelings are about that genetic rarity in Arab countries (regardless of the attractiveness of the woman).

  30. tsalagi says:

    I am an american woman with an arab boyfriend. Im a mix of natvie american & irish blood making me a naturally tan white(ish) person ( similar to my boyfriends color ) with dark hair and green eyes. My boyfriend doesnt have anything against arab women ( who i think are some of the most gorgeous women around ) but its the personality that gets him. Visually his likes are pretty well rounded. I have had blonde hair before and American men have loved it more than my dark natural color. I have noticed more attention of arabs with my dark hair though.

  31. :o) says:

    It’s not just arabs, trust me. Iranians are just as bad. If they see a fat, ugly blonde, they will fall in love just because she’s blonde. But of course they like the fake looking ones better.

    I’m Iranian myself and in Iran I’m considered ugly. I seriously look like the average Iranian (big nose, black hair, pale skin… well there are dark skinned iranians too). I can only imagine how arab women must feel.

    *I’m just generalizing, I don’t mean to be offensive.

  32. Jujubeans says:

    the bigger concept to take away from this is “dont date arab men” no matter how western and or liberal they can seem, they almost always hide their double standard roots that they have come from and have grown up in…they apply it to their women, look hot but dont date, be liberal and western like my family is but also somehow keep to your arab societal perception of people and communities that should stay together (arab muslims with arab muslims, arab christians with arab christians, sunni with sunni etc) Look, no matter what university in North America they attend or expensive car their parents help fund, arab men are definitely a force to be reckoned with ….. If you have guy problems and you’re dating an arab dude, well, what do you expect when you play with fire?
    And that’s coming from an arab chick born and raised in North America. Arab girls are better off dating men who aren’t arab if they want a relationship that has no connection to flimsy materialistic societal BULLSHIT.

  33. Jewel says:

    My boyfriend is Arab,and he thinks blondes are ugly.He is attracted to either dark skin brunettes or fair skinned redheads

  34. anisa says:

    im from malaysia.i dont really know what most arab men look in women but actually the important thing is your heart.even if you pretty but lack of other criteria such as motherhood,then the men will realized the truth and the advantages of their a muslim and arab men capture my attention the most.but it is sad to know their preferences.makes me feel that im not good enough.but i believe in God.if it is meant to be,it’s meant to be

  35. unknown lol says:

    its just sad that people want to make barbies out of their girlfriend or wife i am native american and white i have dark brown hair dark brown eye brows and pale skin and green blue eyes i am married to an arabic man and he tries pullin the slutty look off on me by choosing clothes for me when we are shopping that are showy and i am a good hearted woman i don’t like to look like trash just cuz the general population is doing it fuck i am beautiful natural i tell his ass off when it comes to makin me feel like i gotta compete when he should be makin me feel like nobody can compare to my beauty because its mine from god make it ur own and i think arab women are just as beautiful and that no one should be compared because in gods eyes we are equal and our body is his temple he shed blood for us to live fuck men lol they are jealous

  36. خالد says:

    I am an Arab, and when I was young I was fascinated by Ba blondes and this was because of the media limits the blondes in beauty and also because we are children we were fooled by bright colors and do not see the real beauty.
    But when I grew up and became a young man became inclined to girls with black eyes and black hair and now I no longer feel any attraction in terms of blondes.

  37. simob says:

    I’m Arab man and like our Arab women golden olive skin and black long hair

  38. Kathy Wilson says:

    Funny blonds are so redundant in USA. Men want to have sex with blonds, not marry them.

  39. Kathy Wilson says:

    And I agree with the porn queen, impressions.

  40. h3rm1ny3w says:


    yes that’s true. However, in the middle east, blonds are rare and the first to get married 😉

  41. Kathy Wilson says:

    Here in USA, many eastern men ask me out when I have some blond highlights in the summer in my hair. And yes purpose marriage. It is like Pavlovs’ Dogs.
    In the winter I am brunette, no Eastern bother me. So here it seems like, Madonna/prostitute syndrome.
    I dress modestly, through clothing companies for 7th day Adventist, orthodox-Jews, and ultra conservative Christians. I find it more attractive,and honorable. We are now having a big movement towards modest clothes for, women, children, girls and teenagers. Mobe is even sold in Costco now.

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