Arab Women #19: Mama !!

Almost every Arab man has to go through the painful experience of listening to his Arab woman talking about her love to her MAMA !

It’s just another attempt of your typical Arab woman to maniefest cuteness ! It is very “cute” of your Arab girl to express her love to her mother’s food – even if it’s the crappiest most unhealthy food ever  – it’s just very “cute” to talk about it.

Of course, there has to be a facebook picture of your Arab woman with her mama, this is a must ! 

Cuteness much ?

PS:  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving parents, but sometimes it’s just too much, specially when it’s cheesy and unreal. It can be a hypocrite attempt to look “cute”.


5 Responses to Arab Women #19: Mama !!

  1. Ola says:

    Now everyone talks about how much they love their mother’s food, mish 2i99et cuteness! hoo kol shi bedkom tda2roolna 3alaih… but yeah elli be’3eezo elli bezawdooha as in: mama 7ayaty…. ana w mama kteer sa7bat

  2. sharifo says:

    Gaweyya….bas bel nesba elak….man youqefo 7eqdan aswad ??

  3. chikapappi says:

    Not me! Ok I love her and her food but ask whomever knows me in person, they would say am kinda rough not only with her but the entire family! I am they type of person that doesn’t show or verbally express love let’s say not all women are sissies ya hrhrbrbr3 :p

  4. KJ says:

    It’s the opposite for me – the girls have to listen to ME talk about mom LOL!

  5. hamdanism says:

    LOOOOOL @ KJ !!

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