Arab Men and Women: #2 Superiority

March 7, 2009

This is one of the most pathetic things we suffer from.

No matter how old your Arab friend is, no matter where they live, and no matter where they grow up, you will find them – ALL of them- assuming superiority over other Arab nations.

Evey single Arab citizen thinks that his “country” is better than the neighboring country, and mind you he and his country can be both retards, but still, you will have remarks left and right on how superior they are and how they’re more advnaced than the neihgboring countries.

Teachers at schools teach it to the kids. Any teacher will tell the students how he and his country men are the very best of the best in everything. Be it science, history, belly dancing, religion…just about anything.

Retard mothers usually pass it to their daughters, and dumbass uneducated (and even the educated ones)men with all seriousness will talk about it in sheesha sessions where they discuss almost everything from football to world war 5.

Just don’t be surprised if your Arab friend take it for granted that his/her country/nation/tribe/family is the very best of everything, this is how they think.


Arab Women: #10 Enrique Iglesias

March 5, 2009

One of Arab women first introduction to “Western culture”, and it goes very well with the horrible taste in music we talked about before !


Should I say horrible taste in men also ? 😉

Arab men: #15- Qoroon Estesh3ar

March 3, 2009

hallaa walla belle janah!

I know I know some men can’t help it – some women suffer from it as well :p but why is it such an importance in the Arab culture for men to grow these mustaches and some of them really do look hideous! la2 and what’s worse is when you are standing with someone and he’s twirling it or grooms it in front of you a33 ! I as a female feel bothered when I feel facial hair, beats me how you guys can take that thing under your nose – on top of your lips – moz3eja ya3ny.

This does not apply to all Arab countries of course but in rural areas, kol ma kan el shanab kbeer kol ma kan el rejjal REJJAL ya3ny looool ! Demonstration of strength? Sign of male beauty should we call it that?! whatever the reason is, some men go too far taking care of its shape and “cut” and they protect it sacredly o ya welo elly beyshelo! he undergoes scrutiny and sarcasm as if he committed the ultimate sin o ebyet3ayar!

yama7la el rejjal el face hairless unless he has a goatee men gheer shanabat :p