Arab Men & Women: #3 Human curiosity or let’s say, morbid curse-ity!

May 11, 2009


Holla-muchachos-y-chiquitas!! It’s been a while eh! Ya’ know life with all its glory, add to that a nasty case of writer’s block – no, not due to lack of topics to gossip about here – I am just stressed out *pheew*

So what’s up zalamas and zalamat – 7ormat and 7areemat – rejal o rejjalat?! How’re things going on with you and the pig flue? Did you get rid of all the ham you got around if you’re living in Lebanon or Egypt?! ;p Or do you have to go on riots to prevent it? I missed you here and I need to make sure that y’all are safe and disease free! *sneezes*

Let’s get back to the topic and this manages to ruin my day no matter how good a-one I’m having and I would like your explanation since we are civilized enough to accept constructive criticism!

Read below situations and “ass-es” ;p :

1. Driving on the highway, seat belt on and within speeding limits to come to a complete halt and all that can be seen are lines of cars ahead and you waaaait, waaaait and WAIT like there’s no tomorrow and when everything is cleared and you move forward all you see are two cars parked, NOT EVEN a major accident a simple case of bumper “kissing” ya3ny nothing serious and people just stop and stare! stare only! Like their gesture would miraculously mend those bumpers or help ease those poor bastards! Seriously!?

2. Also driving on a packed highway but this time you see ambulance lights on the opposite side (not even your side) yet the side that you’re on is not moving… people slow down and pass by to watch! Worse even are those who pull aside to take pictures! Oh My Rabby! Medical staff need room to assist those involved in the accidents not “shoo off” bystanders who want to watch!

3. I will change the scenario now, let’s assume you are in a mall and a fight breaks and you are on the right off side of the entire mall; Suddenly you see a stampede – a sea of humans running in the opposite direction when they heard shouting / cussing ! lol – ok, let’s assume they want to go help put those people aside bas nooo think again! They go to take videos of the whole rumble to You Tube it later on LMFAO !

4. Let’s say you’re in the car again, you have a burger that you got from a drive thru and you’re at the stoplight eating when you turn your face to see the guy in the car next to you staring and your face is stuffed with ketchup! What do you do?! Offer a bite!? “Have ya never seen a person eating before!?”

5. You go in the ladies-room to fix your makeup right and if you are like me, you would mind your own business and look straight (focusing on yourself only in the mirror) but what I don’t get is why women eyeball each other like that in the bathroom!? I thank God that we have semi private stalls!

6. You walk in a restaurant and you’re alone ok! you want to grab a bite and you are by yourself! WHY DO THEY STARE!?!

A R A B S !