Plea from “Stuff Arabs Like” writers

August 25, 2012

First, I just to say that we, the man and woman behind Stuff Arabs like, are alive. Well, almost 😉

I want to apologize that it took me long time to read the recent comments and approve them. But I have my reasons, bear with me.

First, let’s all say congratulations for the female writer “Poky Face” who got married and is now a mother! Congratulations! Mabrook!

Sadly though, she’s not writing here anymore. Which means, I need a female blogger to write here with me! If anyone’s interested, please leave a comment, I will contact you!

Secondly, myself, the male writer  (h3rm1ny3w), I had some life changing events too. Contrary to what happened with Poky Face, I actually went in and out of a relationship, among some other life changing situations. But hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon enough 😎 And boy do I have some good stuff coming 😉

Now, to answer few of the comments. For those who left positive comments thanking us, I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog. The purpose of this blog is for fun, and only that. I hope we left a smile on someone’s face. That’s what it’s all about.

For those hateful comments, calling us racists or self-bashing: Well, you obviously don’t get the point of the blog. Try to understand the purpose of the blog, and maybe try to let go of some unnecessary sensitivity. Somebody made a joke about your culture? Big deal! get over it. Don’t be offended by stupid things, you’re better than that. If you don’t like this blog, nobody is forcing you to read it. We know we’re writing with the best of intentions.

So people, let me know what you think! write a comment on this post, and let’s hear you out 😎