Arab Women #13: Sneaky

In this post, I’m targeting the new generation, who unfortunately keep on disappointing me. I’ll talk about the most common types of girls: “The Islamised” and “The Westernized”.

Of course we have more types. As a matter of fact, we have all kind of types, but these two seem to be the most prominent ones, yet the most disappointing at the same time. Gotta wonder why lot of women don’t seem to get married nowadays.

“The Islamised” girl ideally portrays herself as the conservative girl, who have to tell the whole world that she prays and fasts. She makes sure that every person who know her (or know of her) is very well aware that she prayed.

It’s all about morals. It’s all about portraying herself as the perfect conservative Arab wife who happens to be the dream of every Arab guy (mating anybody?).

“The Westernized” girl is your typical girl who grow up thinking she will be a Britney Spears one day. She goes to English schools, American private universities, and she says “OMG OMG OMG” hundred times a day.

You can identify “The Westernized” ones easily, they’re the ones who puts a “fuck off” sign on their foreheads specially when they’re teenagers. They all live in a parallel realities.

“The Islamised” girls all have boy friends secretly. Sadly enough, they ideally have more than one boy friend at a time, and I’m taking here from an eye witness point of view.

“The Islamised” girl will give her boyfriend all kinds of headaches ever known to humanity. She will freak him out, get pissed on every possible occasion. She’s the master of Drama. Actually she’s the most creative creature when it comes to drama !

“The Westernized” girl will ideally avoid boys and say “ewww” on every possible occasion. But that’s only when she’s under the age of 18. After that, she get’s a cultural shock. She goes to college. She’s not a Britney Spears.

She fell head over heals for a guy who is less than average. But everybody knows about it. She changes her status on facebook to “It’s complicated”. She fills facebook with pictures of her and her boy friend; trying to convince everybody that her boy friend is almost a Brad Pitt.

“The Islamised” girl continues her stalking quest. The more boys the better. I’m not happy to say this, but they tend to be sneaky liars. Showing off their religious commitments while having relationships and affairs. Pretending that they don’t have a boy friend while they ALL have have boy friends. They’re all in relationships. They all hit on every possible guy they see. They cheat, lie, evade, and sneak.  It saddens me to say that I reached a point where I can that ANY girl who portrays herself as religious is nothing but a hypocrite liar. Period.

As you might already have guessed, I’m more pro “The Westernized” girl here. Not that they’re perfect, no they’re not. Some of them go to some odd extremes. But generally speaking, you don’t see the hypocrisy you see with the other type of girls. At least you know when she has a boy friend that she has a boyfriend. At least she doesn’t have two boy friends at the same time.

There’s a third type…and we can call it the “prostitute” type. Please don’t confuse it with “The Westernized”, because “prostitute” type try to portray themselves as Westernized. No need to write about this type, they’re not worth the trouble.


8 Responses to Arab Women #13: Sneaky

  1. sharifo says:

    As I said earlier…
    Generalizing is wrong…but the description fits 100%

  2. pokyface says:

    halla2 yeah stereotyping is a no-no but I do agree that some hejabi – neqabi ladies are far worse than el “saferat” and I often think who’s to blame in such cases? the girls themselves for covering up wella their parents or even their cultures? For a hejabi girl to act so sneaky ella maykoon fe asbab so as a person, I try to inquire first then judge and when I say that I am not sparing them from their actions or giving them justifications bas you know..

  3. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Sharif:

    I didn’t make up any of the characters..I practically met 10+ girls of each type..they never fail to surprise me !

    @ PokyFace:

    Yes parents are definitely to blame, but the ones I met THEY chose to wear hijab to look more appealing to a larger number of guys !

    I did generalize here, because frankly speaking, I’ve yet to be proven wrong in this.

    I stumbled upon couple of facebook passwords of “friends” whom I looked highly upon…and boom…each girl was at least trying to hook up 3-4 guys at the same time. No, there’s no excuse for such act , ever !

    I’m pro honesty. Be it hijabi or not…I have strict rules when it comes to lying. If a person lie, then I blacklist him/her even if he was my own father. I know most people lie…but I’m talking about certain type of liars. I’m a direct person, and I demand to be treated in the same way I treat people, and everyone around me know that.

  4. ehm wdh! says:

    i agree with some of what u said but it can be the same for men and worse.
    the thing is like i said earlier on, u don’t seem to have seen much of the world, that’s why i guess ur post is very narrowish.
    u yet have to see a lot of ppl to come with an appropriate conclusion.
    and btw don’t confuse mariage consideration with having a bf/gf. then yes what ppl do wrong is wrong no need for me to rant abt that.
    but u should know that what u call the prostitute type here and the westernized are pretty much the same in a more than one aspect of their lives and so on because at the end both of them would give themselves for free, like cheap gals.
    and well don’t forget some wear the hejaab for different reasons but those who do it for the wrong reasons usually don’t last long with it.
    but oh well, bitches get good guys isn’t it? anyway
    one more point i wanna stress upon is that as humans we tend to keep in mind the bad of ppl rather than their goodness, this is something that sticks to our brain, nothin to do abt it right, however know that the bad stands out more than the good ones, that’s why also u got the feeling that “everyone is bad” and blah blah blah.

  5. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ ehm wdh:

    My points are “narrowish” because I can not write a post about every single person in the world ! I have to generalize A LOT.

    Also, I’m not writing a reference about each and everything that happens in our society, I’m just writing about SOME characters and SOME things. That’s all.

    The characters I mentioned in the post are real, and we meet them everyday.

  6. sarah says:

    This post should be renamed hypocrisy, because that’s what it is. People like to pretend and to put themselves on shiny pedestals because they’re too afraid to admit to themselves that they’re are average humans.

  7. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @ Sarah

    absolutely, it’s all about hypocrisy

  8. Sohaila!x says:

    I live in the west and have been for 7 years , and i’ve never had a boyfriend , and even though I go to a mixed english school, I don’t hang out with boys and definitely don’t meet with them after school. It’s all about how you are raised I guess 🙂

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