Arab Women: #6 Getting fat after marriage

It’s really said that real women have curves, and I do agree, but what I’m referring to here is MORE than just feminist curves..It’s hills and mountains !

While this holds true for both men and women, it’s strangely noticeable in women more.

No matter how tiny and skinny your Arab sweetheart girl is, be careful because chances are, after marriage her size will quadruple in all possible directions.

This was more common in the past, but we still see it nowadays. I think this cartoon pretty much says it all :



25 Responses to Arab Women: #6 Getting fat after marriage

  1. pokyface says:


  2. h3rm1ny3w says:

    I didn’t say the reasons 😛 *runs away*

  3. siegex says:

    Now be fair, this is MORE LIKE IT

  4. pokyface says:

    LOL !! aiiiwa aiwa!

  5. h3rm1ny3w says:


    we have serious weight problems that should be addressed more often !

  6. Hala says:

    its not compleatly true , it happens to some womens but most of the women who I know didn’t get fat at all

  7. h3rm1ny3w says:


    yeah the younger generation seems to be more weight aware

  8. jhoe says:

    subhanallah.. arab…arab like that

  9. somegirl says:

    Well, I think men also have that problem not just women. I live in an Arab country and I have seen men out of shape just as many as women. I think it is a global issue as I know in the US they have obesity problem too.

    I think it is about individual problems. Some people have hormonal changes which cause them to gain weight, some just do not feel like exercising. I think if you are healthy and look healthy, you do not have to be super thin, but being significantly overweight also may be a problem. One important thing to ask if you are happy with yourself and if you are then this is the decision that you have to take as far as what is better for you.

  10. h3rm1ny3w says:


    obesity is indeed a global problem, a rather dangerous one to be honest.

    Yes, both genders suffer from this…but as you know, we’re just being sarcastic here 🙂

  11. somegirl says:


    Yeah, I know LOOOL.

  12. jc says:

    It’s not necessarily just Arab women. My wife is from Mexico. She was slim when I first met her but started gaining weight while we were living together. Nothing too serious, but after we got married, she started eating all the time and really fattening foods. She has doubled her weight but seems happy this way and doesn’t seem bothered at all by how fat she has become.

  13. El guia says:

    Hi, i’m sorry to say you this, but mexican people usually has high % of spanish blood, wich has high % of arab blood (overall in the middle age), it may also be coincidence by the way. I also must say that to spanish women this also happens, to most of them, about 80% of them, but i have said many times arabs and spanish are very similar, and when more i know about arabs, more similar i see them to us.

  14. jc says:

    Just for example

  15. El guia says:

    Wow jc, well… deppends how she was before marry and that stuff, but… it doesn’t seem healthy.

  16. jc says:

    Here’s a photo from before we got married for comaprison

  17. Sera says:

    Well honestly is a must. MY parents were once skinny,many moons ago my mother was hot and dad was handsome. I seen pictures and I was shocked. Now 50 years later my dad looks like he is more than 9 months pregnet still got all his hair except its fluffy white, and mum is still pretty but she like dad gained the weight due to all the KIBBE and Meat they eat. I do not have that problem because I dont like meat, and I am lucky in that sense. But JC even though my folks gained the still are together.MY dad loves meat LOL .

  18. mrs ibrahim says:

    as an older woman of 49 something married to an arab, they seem to like curves which is just as well. it is an age thing. your body changes, your hormones differ and your shape changes. i am curvy but not fat fat and find it very hard to keep in shape as i have mobility problems. having kids also slackens and stretches muscles and skin and its hard to get back. watch out girls………it happens to almost all of us.

  19. Actually back in the early 2003, Endocrinologists discovered that during the pregnancy the thyroid turns off, and after the delivery
    over 75% of women never regain full thyroid function. And were sub-clinical Hypothyroid. It was recommended that a TSH level of .2
    would treat this condition.This lasted 18 months,then Kaiser and other health care providers, pressurized The American Endocrinologist Assc. to renege their statement.

  20. anisa says:

    hmm,i wonder arab men still like their wives even they have gotten fat after marriage??and why arab men are so fat..2 times bigger than asian(in malaysian,an asian,and a muslim)

  21. Dgffgdgjch says:

    Me and my wife have been happily married for 12 years now and she’s the same if not slimmer then when we first got married because after she had her baby she lost a ton of weight and now in pictures she looks thinner then when we first got married

  22. Kathy Wilson says:

    Here in the USA, 9 years ago it was discovered by
    the American Edocrinelogical Society. That 75% of mothers carrying babies, have tier thyroid turn off to protect the baby. It was recommended 15 years ago to treat sub-clinical hypothyroid, by raising the blood TSH number to
    .2. Thats why I take synthroid what I take. It kick starts the thyroid and maintains body weight between pregnancies. Babies need fats for the development of their brains.How many children did she give you? Cause otherwise your thin wife is an anomaly.

  23. h3rm1ny3w says:


    Interesting information, thanks for sharing. Nobody gave me any children, I’m not married 😉

  24. Kathy Wilson says:

    Oh, I think I was referring to slim married womens husbands. Now I can read the answer as 1 child for Dgffgdgjch.

  25. Kathy Wilson says:

    My Mom drank t for breakfast, a can of metrocal, similar to slimfast and a very light dinner to weigh 128 at 5’8. she also was an athlete. So for any women whom have lived through famines as my ancestors did, we have to semi-fast to be in our weight range. I am Scotch Irish.

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