Arab Men #19: Lebanese Women

Arab Men prefer Lebanese Women, at least according to this article on MSN !  😉


8 Responses to Arab Men #19: Lebanese Women

  1. Andrew says:

    well, let’s face it… she is beauty 🙂

  2. Ameni says:

    nadine njeim is half lebanese and half Tunisian on her mom’s side !

    I do agree, Arabs love syrian and lebanese !

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read the article on MSN through the link provided and the reasons posted for why they prefer these women were ridiculous like they know how to order and cook good food, they party a lot, always prepared in everything(whatever that means),love politics,updated with news,etc. These things are not limited to Lebanese women. I’m sure women from other Arab countries also like to cook,party, and are interested in politics and so on. That’s why I find the list very strange, if you’re going to make a list like than list some extra-ordinary qualities if they have any to make them unique and stand out especially if you’re trying to make a point that they’re better than other Arab women. Also, one of the reasons was also Lebanese women accept,get,and promote the most plastic surgery. Wow and that’s a good thing? The Arab view of beauty is messed up. Haifa Wehbe,Nancy Ajram,all Lebanese women are as fake as they come. Lebanon is the plastic surgery capital of the world just like Iran is the nose job capital of the world.I find Lebanese beauty artificial and therefore overrated.

  4. El guia says:

    I never knew a lebanese women, i think i never saw one except that one of the picture, seems pretty, but yeah, plastic, maked up, photoshoped, light tuned, etc… things like that are everyday walking in front of the door of my workplace, just in other clothes. I haven’t heard nothing about lebanese women, in spain we think the nicest middle eastern women are turkish and iranian (but this are persian, not arab, right?) and, obviously because of what we can see on the street, algerian and moroccan, because is the kind of arab people that most lives in spain (14 km of sea is not too much distance to morocco, also from Oran in Algeria is close to Denia, a valencian town, close to where i live). So, arab men like lebanese women, spanish men like those wich i said. Seems that you like them more because they tend to be a bit more… “vain” so they like to seem pretty, or just they aren’t shy for doing it, i don’t know, by the way, i think i like more our neighbours still, but just looking that one picture i can’t give a correct opinion about lebanese women.

  5. hamdanism says:

    @EL Guia:

    Arab race is not actually a race…we are more of a mixed race 🙂 so in a sense we’re not too far from persian & Turk & caucasians & Spanish & Italnian, but little bit different 🙂

    Yes Lebanese are known to be more stylish and stuff, the famous hot singers are from Lebanon so yeah.

    Maybe a quick search on youtube for “Haifa Wahbi” or “Nany Ajram” or Lebanese women will give you a better idea. But again there’s isn’t much of a difference between Lebanese, palestinian,Jordanian, and Syrian. Very close, the same actually.

  6. El guia says:

    I see, well, and wich race nowadays is not mixed, when in history was cultural influence, always was “sexual” influence (in the meaning of people from 2 cultures having childs, not only sex obviously hahaha). This sounded funny for me, you say you are mixed with spanish and spanish say we are mixed with arabs, haha, well i don’t know about the spanish influence in arab countries, as we didn’t go to those lands in our history, in spain the influence from arabs is obvious. Another thing to note, north african arabs and arabian (from arabian peninsula) arabs are also a bit different, in spanish we call north african arabs “berebers” and in true is what mostly influenced us in genetics (arabs influenced in culture, berebers in genetics). So you might have genetics from spanish after the islam golden era, before that, the people who lived in spain was a mixture of roman latin, celtics from north and ibers from south, so, if we research, we are all mixed in true.
    And another thing, about those girls, i think they are exactly like the spanish girls, if you take their pic and put “typical spanish girl”, everybody would believe is true, even the spanish! I suppose the weather influences also very much in the looks of people, those countries you said, are almost the same, in geography and weather (except the northern spain i suppose). When i see images of those countries i see the same than here, same kind of mountains, beaches, trees, is often sunny, and the “environment” of the streets seems very similar to spanish. Everyday i’m more convinced we are siblings people.

  7. hamdanism says:

    yes you are absolutey right regarding the climate and genetics, I agree

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