Arab Women #18: Stupidity

Look at the miserable faces of the women in the picture above.. Do you know what women stood against and fought for throughout years?! They wanted “equality”, same rights, same financial terms.. they wanted to stand up to violence while some just wanted to wipe out men as a race!

You got your rights!? You can vote, drive cars and breast feed kids during working hours?! What good did it do you when:

1. Dress up like whores and those that particularly piss me off are these women who take off their hejab and “start over again” like she’s been en caged by hejab ya haram.. you make me sick

2. Those who steal other girls’ men just for a ma9la7a then get a divorce to hop another man and get yet another divorce – bringing more kids to this world from a sick mother (I know believe me).. you make me sick

3. Girls who remarry every chance they get, ya okhty you failed so many times before khalas quit!! Leave men for them poor single ladies out there waiting patiently with dignity, mosh le anno you “can” get married bedoun “mashakel” and get a divorce (if you know what I mean) khalas it becomes a habit! .. you make me sick

4. Girls who suddenly cleaned up after being exposed to a foreign culture and yaay now “she speaks English with a slang” and then they think they are over n’above everyone else.. you make me sick

5. Girls who give us the bad reputation of being materialistic – they are so shallow with their wants n’ needs so I don’t blame guys for being paranoid.. you make me sick

6. El habal o el 3aba6 taba3 el banat- I find it sick when girls go out in groups to have fun and it’s not just any kind of fun! I get sick seeing pics of girls drinking alcohol and partying like sluts and the disaster is “they take too much pride in being open minded and free” … you make me sick

What else?! Did we women achieve after claiming our civil rights ? ๐Ÿ™‚


28 Responses to Arab Women #18: Stupidity

  1. naima says:

    The on who wrote this comment is a rascal and a stupid! hijab is never needed…. if hijab were needed all women would be born with Hijab? by the way do you all the time wear as per the strict islamic dress code….. even if you wear…. of what use is it to you…..idiot…. is your mother also a whore?

  2. liz says:

    Are you being sarcastic here? I disagree with #1 (the last part) and #4. If someone has become disillusioned with Hijab then that’s their choice. It’s only a man-made tradition to control women. I mean seriously covering hair? It’s so petty and trivial!
    And those who have the privilege of being exposed to other cultures and are proud of those experiences have every right to be. What women have you come across where you generalize them as being arrogant?

  3. hamdanism says:

    Perfectly put !!! I hope women these days get it…at least OUR women…

    thumbs up for you !!

  4. h3rm1ny3w says:


    Covering hair is part of a big system…you don’t pic the “covering” hair part and ignore other stuff. You need a broader understanding of Islam as a system (which can’t happen in one day, it needs lot of studying) rather than judging just one thing.


    thanks man

  5. h3rm1ny3w says:


    if clothes are needed, why people aren’t born with clothes ?

    Maybe it’s your parents strict code…Is your mother a whore ? lol

  6. A says:

    haha you cracked me up big time.
    That was funny and I am a girl and can tell openly, these things are real.
    And to the morons in here saying hejab is not needed, well you obviously don’t know what early Christian and Jewish women used to wear, well Jews are still trying to stick to it in a way or another but Christians today, or so called Christians have lost it, and they think they can come and talk about other people’s religion.
    What a joke.
    BTW women’s liberation in the West was pushed to get women to work and tax them and have their kids dhay3een, to mess up the younger generations. See the result!
    Good stuff h3rm1ny3w!

  7. Ahmed says:

    This stuff is gold. Man-made system Liz? If you don’t know about the basic tenets of Islam then I’m sorry to say that you have no right to comment on the reasons behind the hijab on men and women (yes men do have their own version where they are supposed to grow their beards, lower their gaze, and wear loose fitting clothes).

    I swear, I hate it when mindless Muslims and non-Muslims bring in THEIR man-made trivial arguments.

  8. sarah says:

    Mate, sort your misguided and misogynistic issues out. I’m not sure if it stems from having a terrible relationship with your mother or general brainwashing, either way…it’s unhealthy, uncivilized and uncouth.
    It’s because of people like you that intolerance is so rife in the Arab world and why every other person in the west believes the stereotypes that surround Arab men.

    Seriously, sort yourself out.


  9. somegirl says:

    Hmm… as far as remarriage goes. If it is done reasonably, why not? People have the right to try to be happy. Chances are ex-husband will already be remarried and not care about you. Why should a woman spend her time alone if she does not want to? Men remarry several times and not get judged, but when woman remarries she is judged. As long as marriage has good intentions and indeed she is trying to find her happiness why not to remarry?

  10. h3rm1ny3w says:


    I totally agree with you !!

    Our society suffers from hypocrisy, that’s why it’s ok for men to re-marry ! I’m totally with you in this.

  11. Someone says:

    I agree with what you said in #(1,4,5,6) Not sure about #(2 and 3) because I never met or heard about actions like these coming from Arab girls. Of course not all Arab girls are like that al7umdulelah, but the majority of them are like that unfortunately.

    And what disturbs me the most is the impression and image the majority of Arab girls are leaving to other societies and countries. Some Arab girls think freedom means going out whenever and wherever they want without having any limits or any hejab on them or decent clothes on them allah yestor 3alaihom. They idolize ppl such as Alissa or Haifa or other crappy female singers. They are drawn to what they see and hear from the media and sometimes act and dress like what they see on TV. And it’s not enough that they had to look like trash(allah yekrmkm) but a5la8hom are like trash as well! Wallah 7aram 3alaihom! This is not what an Arab girl is supposed to act like, and this is certainly not what an Arab girl is supposed to look like. If she doesn’t want to wear the 7ejab, that’s fine and allah yestor 3alaiha wo yehdeeha, but at least respect yourself and the ppl around you.

    Allah yestor 3ala el jamee3 wo yehdeena ya rb and sorry for saying so much.

  12. h3rm1ny3w says:


    I absolutely agree that if Hijab is not put on, then I really think decent clothing would be really great. Amen to your kind prayers ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thanks for your interest and detailed comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Someone says:

    No problem ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for this post ๐Ÿ˜€ I am just glad to know that there are still some sane girls out there in the Arab world :p

  14. h3rm1ny3w says:

    @Someone: sure there are sane girl, very few though LOL…

  15. Abu Ali says:

    So you pretty much wanted to say that Arab girls that act(horribly i should add) like the stereotypical American teen make u sick? Well, they make me sick too.

    And to the women crying foul: please try to read about or understand feminism, Islam, Arab stereotypes, and the term misogyny before discussing these topics. It really is pathetic the type of arguments raised by women attacking the post.

  16. Merli says:

    wow, you really have interesting way of life there. Like this whole blog is quite… amazing… at least for young girl from Northen-Europe. Some comments.
    1. That “slut-like way” of dressing is probably European way of dressing, as I understand… you just haven’t used to it. I understand it.
    2.Well that happens in Europe too… but rather rarely.
    3. And… we usually don’t get married over here… or maybe if people have 2 children and they have been together for 10 years and are absolutely sure ๐Ÿ˜€
    4. Haha, im from country that was in Soviet Union once, and people over here were really obsessed with forgein stuff back then – ready to kill for pair of jeans and so on. So, i know what do you mean… in a way.
    5. Thats how many women are but I suppose that when women are expected in their culture to become succsessful and wealthy with work, that kind of “marring for money” won’t be so popular anymore.
    But fact is that usually people find someone who is very much like themselves, so if man is OK with his shallow wife…
    6.Yes, that point made me laugh, hard. It is probably culture thing again. For Europeans alcohol is such a normal part of life. At the same time men over here don’t like women who don’t know where to stop either… drunk people are not attractive.

  17. Miryam says:

    I totally agree and as u may see – am a girl ๐Ÿ˜€
    That makes me also sick..and these comments too :O
    You may take your Hijab off, ok – BUT don’t act like you have lost precious time wearing it :O
    I love this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. El guia says:

    In spain (boys and girls) we hate teenagers who act like the stereotypical american teenager, doesn’t matter if they are arab, indian, chinese or latin, that behaviour is horrible.
    what i think is that men and women should be equal, and in spain now we have a problem, too much feminism changed the positions in life, women have the power, most politicians are women, most important people in spain are women. Here, a woman can put a man in prison just saying “he hit me” and she doesn’t have to show nothing, that’s happening often lately, women divorce (they tend to flirt with other men outside of marriage) and later they take the childs and money, and leave the husband with a destroyed life.
    Please, equality for men and women, many years fighting for be the same, and now david is goliath.

  19. sarah kabbani says:

    you are so false in your judgements. its incredible that people think like that. closed minded people such yourselves think they can control women. yeah it is your type, who think women are property and they arent equal. it is truly sad because in islam women and men are supposed to be equal. your information is false and inadequate.
    btw im arab, and im a woman.

  20. El guia says:

    Sarah, i don’t know if you said that to me, but i don’t think women are property, no way, i think men and women are absolutely the same, the only i say is, if we are the same, why our laws overprotect them? the worst part is that still sometimes there is violence towards women by men, still having overprotecting laws, but most times it’s because women never tell nothing to police, if they do, the man is lost, even if he didn’t do absolutely nothing, we also have cases of violence towards men by women, but not so much. I don’t agree with many things in this post, i think everybody should be free to do whatever they want, always when they don’t hurt anybody. The behaviour of the first post is mostly done by women, but men also do, it’s totally the same shit. I am not closed minded, in spain we tend to be very open minded, but really, if men had power, they were very bad with women (i talk about past times), but if you change sides, women are the same bad with men, i just claim true equality. I feel ofened with that post because i don’t think what you say is true, at least about me.

    Now about the hijab, maybe is different question, once i met a muslim girl in the beach, with hijab, going to the sand, while i was walking my dog, before going in, she took of clothes and hijab, so i went to her and, in funny and friendly way (as we use to do in spain) i asked her “it seems beach joy doesn’t understand about religion eh?” and she answered “if i would leave my hijab on, i would call atention of much more men than taking it off, like this i’m just a normal girl, and anybody will stare at me”, i said her “you’re absolutely right, i’m sorry you have to do it for enjoy the water”, sorry that i can’t give a good opinion about this, because i don’t understand islam too well, but i must say “OLร‰” (well done in my opinion)

  21. hamdanism says:

    @Sarah: Just for your information, the author of this post is actually a girl. I don’t really see where did say men should control women or anything of that sort. Please read the post calmly and slowly, and think about it again, we never meant to be controlling or anything!

  22. nicole says:

    hi..i think you have missed the entire point of women’s rights. it is the ability to have the choice and protections to act as an independent person in society. all the things you mention: dress, stealing husbands, partying are individual choices made by those women. they could choice different behaviour if they wanted. the responsibly is on them.
    this is not a bad thing. you may not approve of their choices but at least they can make them…on a deeper level, however, what really may bother you is facing the truth about the real character of these arab women when they are “set” free. this intention was with them always even if living in a society where they could not express it openly. suddenly, the hypocrisy is revealed in public…what someone should do vs what they are really doing. but this hypocrisy is alive and well in arab countries but hidden.

    i live in a gulf country now..i see many women after married men, i see many married men with girlfriends outside of marriage (almost all men have a girlfirend here), and i see many women obsessed with beauty products and make-up.

    i mean look at arab is much heavier than the typical western girls. also the singers like haifa and nancy arjem have had so many surgeries..just google it.. so equal rights has nothing to do with the behaviour of these people…all the things you complain about go on secretly here and worse.. their behaviour comes from inside their hearts and minds.

    after living in both societies..i believe people are overall more satisfied in their lives in open societies and more great things have come from the open societies in the last five hundred years or so (phones, electricity, medical advances, cars, computers,,,the list goes on and on) but name an equal list the arab world had come up with during that time.,, it is not possible,,,

    because the very structure and culture which includes control of women and free thought in most arab countries prevents this from happening. the fact open societies are successful and dont have to listen to your rules or what people are “supposed to be like” is what fuels such anger and blame onto the west. why not blame asia (think of bangkak)? see how misguided blaming the west is. instead of worrying whether someone has a hijab on or not, or what they are doing with their should worry about what they are doing to improve and contribute to society. arab people are smart, but as long as they are constrained and repressed they will never fulfil their true potentials.

    that is why rights are important..these party girls may well invent something great for the world..while the arabs girls here are basically confined to the house except for monitored trips out. what if god gave that girl the ability to invent some new break through scientific theory, but she never did (due to her restrained condition in arab world). i urge you to open your mind and take responsibily.

    on a side note,,,why would god allow the usa and europe to be so sucessful if he did not like the behavior there. why would so many more arab babies born to cousin marriage have defects compared to western babies if god really thought that behavior was ok….use your brain and think….why would your prophets father’s name be abudallah (which means “servant of allah”) even though the prophet revealed allah to be the one and only god? questioning and free thought is not allowed and i am sure people will react and lash back,.back before doing so, please open your minds first and do some real thinking….about why ?

  23. liz says:

    @Ahmed. Looks like I hit a nerve.

    Thank you. You’re one of the few females who saw this post for what it really is.

  24. sumaya says:

    As a female all that stuff makes me feel sick too. I think it all comes down to having respect for yourself and there are many women these days who don’t. On the news they were talking about how women are starting a “slut” walk??? How the on earth could any woman be proud to be classified a slut? Things like this make me more determined to be better and be different to what is slowly becoming the normal think in today’s society!

  25. Cheng Boiser says:

    @ nicole THUMBS UP!. you HIT THE NAIL.

    Im living here is saudi arabia and I can see very well how hypocrisy stems hard with some women.. ( not all ofcourse,I have respectable arab friends who are frustrated as well)

    Im actually shocked at first because I was born in an open society and in my 25 years of living I havent done anything like that or havent dressed like that. just because I CHOSE TO and because I have every right and I am knowledgeable about it. YET some of the women when they take their usual abaya and hejab.. you would see a total opposite! its not how you dressed and how you convey yourself to the society you live in.. BUT ITS HOW YOU CHOSE TO LIVE AND HOW YOU SHOW RESPECT TO YOURSELF.
    The more you repress a person the more they will push back and act more misguided but if you give them rights then you would see how their true nature is.. if they really value their faith they would still live by it. sa u lala?

    ***** as you can see I use the word CHOSE and CHOICE, I hope this right will be given to them***

  26. There are people They have Defeat in itself.
    Is a person who failed Believed that the West is better.
    drinking alcohol And commits adultery And encourages women Prostitution.
    And live like animals Without a moral restrictions Or religious.
    And thought That this Is evolution.

  27. Sarah says:

    What a stupid post! I found most of this site funny but this is just dumb. What did we achieve? We achieved the right to vote, the right to an education, we achieved a right to a career which means we are no longer the financial slaves and burdens of others! And how offensive to say we dress like whores, this is as offensive as someone saying hejab and burka is only oppressive with no understanding! You have your culture and other people have their culture – if you want understanding for yours you have to show understanding for theirs.

    All the problems you put existed before women had rights, and have existed for a long time for men! Men who steal other men’s wives, and fool her into thinking they love her, men who cheat on their wives. And don’t you find it disgusting too when men go out in loud groups and get drunk etc etc? The girls are annoying but with the testosterone the men are violent.

    If you are finding all these rights too much trouble you have the ideal life waiting for you… in Saudi Arabia.

  28. marcia says:

    I like #2. It reminds me of the girl in amman jordan who tried to steal my husband when i was pregnant because she thought that we were rich. and she complains that she did nothing wrong by doing that. disgusting woman.

    #1 is like my sister in law. she wears the hijab at home and in amman, but when we go to the beach, she wears a bikini smaller than mine.


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