Arab Women: #9 Loving other women

February 24, 2009

Oh no, I’m not implying anything related to sexual orientations here ! we still don’t see Arab Lesbian women (yet). What I’m referring to is another phenomenon our beloved Arab women invented and it’s Arab women trade mark ! 🙂

While you seem to see women from different culutres taking normal pictures near nice landscapes or buildings, or even with friends, be it men friends or women friends,just normal, but when it comes to our Arab women, you notice something strange.

Arab women tend to take pictures with other Arab women, showing undying, poetic love to other women ! It’s really weird and sometimes disturbing to see all girls albums is simply her and another girl friend, with all the lovey dovey comments, while in real life you bet your life it’s not real ! It’s too cheesy and obviously fake.

So if you’re new to the Arab culture, just be cool and don’t get the wrong idea, she’s not lesbian, she’s just performing another holy practice inherited from other Arab women. She have to choose a “best” woman friend, and you will see them hugging and doing all those weird stuff, and expect that woman to one day tell you how frustrated she is from that specific woman.

PS: you might hear Arab guys telling you the cheesy joke over and over again whenever they see two Arab women kiss : I wish I was that girl that were kissed and hugged.


Arab Women: #8 Bad taste in music

February 23, 2009

As odd as it may seem, but this is something our beloved Arab women society decided to do !


Typically, your Arab women loves to listen to the new song that will maximum stay alive for one month. It’s usually a song by soft-voiced Arab singer, with cheesy lyrics, and music that can be completely composed using a laptop. If the song is not horrible, then it’s probably stolen from a Turkish or Greek or other foreign song.


Just get used to it men, you will have to listen to these songs with your wife in your car, at home, and you will have to accept it as a cell phone ringing tone ! Also, you will have to tell her how influential the video clip on Rotana is, and how you quite understood the profound meaning (as if there’s any) of the clip 😉

This is an example of a song that your Arab woman loved passionately, but neither she nor anybody could listen to this song after one month of its release(I actually couldn’t listen to it at all, but who cares about Arab man’s opinion :mrgreen: ) :

Arab Men: #14- Blondes, The faker the better!

February 21, 2009

After my buddy’s post earlier ( Fake Blondes ) I decided to revenge for my girls out there!

Why do Arab men go “ga ga” over a blondie crossing the street or driving in the street? Why all the attention to a blonde girl within a group? Far most importantly, why do Arab girls go bleach their hair and fake out their looks to become babies? I do that myself but I do it for me, it absolutely suits my skin tone and feature and am a natural blondie (runs in my family), besides I do not walk with hair that looks like an atomic bomb was thrown at! some girls have white – yellow hair, especially Lebanese women.. “trend setters” not!

Don’t you notice the attention an ugly blonde female gets in comparison with a “normal” female? and what’s up with stereotyping? Not all blondes are dumb, those cheap ones give the rest a bad image to fix so men think they are easy in a way and that’s unfair. I was listening to a radio show and in a report, it was mentioned that men’s intelligence is effected while interacting with blondes – they become “slower” because they claim that blonde women are not sophisticated enough for men to try harder to get their attention or impress them! looool! This is where I say WHAT EVER

Back to men; The main reason for women in the Arab countries acting out like that is their reaction towards what they see in the media from fake beauty and poor Arab women try their best to keep up and satisfy or even try to land guys, awkward styles – bad hair coloring – plastic surgeries you name it! I tell you we as women are driven to seek the opposite sex’s attraction but some go way too far and as I mentioned, all is equal when it comes to judgment.

Guys, learn how to distinguish between real genuine females and those who are desperate enough to change their looks – identities just for YOU which can not be named as a sacrifice, it’s sheer stupidity to lose yourself just for anyone out there!

men love blondes

Arab Men: #13- “Funky” hair-dos

February 19, 2009

arab hair styling cycle

What is up with that excessive hair gel use now? It doesn’t look “cool ya man” at all, wet look is hot but if you decide to pass your fingers – comb – stroke a one of those guys’ heads I swear gel would start dripping off their scalps! Leeesh, leesh, lematha!? Something simple and spontaneous would do the trick boys don’t go far with this, mohannad lookalike hair styling :eeekh: sha3r mzayyet and basically flattened down if one could say. That’s the geeky look. Let’s move on to the “hedgehog” hair dos; I know this is not in all Arab countries but where am at, you will be shocked to see what some guys do for attention! high spikes, colored hair! hair with highlights! hair styled with hair dryer! and it’s not just the normal things we see on TV God, I wish I found a picture online but no problems, a task for later on 🙂

Boys, gel would ruin your scalp on the long run and defiantly weaken your hair roots resulting in early baldness and now, that is truly sexy!

Arab Women: #7 Photography

February 19, 2009

Day after day, this is becoming more and more rediculous :mrgreen:

If you have a conversation with an Arab woman, any woman, she will be waiting the opportunity to tell you how artsy fartsy she is by saying that she is into photography. It’s not painting or music or writing, it’s the easiest of all: Photography !

No matter how young or old your Arab women friend is, no matter what she does in life, be it a houswife, doctor, or architect, she will tell you how much loves photography.

Now don’t get your Arab woman wrong ! Her telling you that she loves photography doesn’t mean she actually takes photos, it could be that she just sees photos on facebook !

While no respectful artist consider photography as an Art, because taking photos and edit them on your pirated photoshop using photoshop 4 dummies book is not an art.

Composing songs is art, painting is art, writing a book is art, writing poetry is art, anything BUT PHOTOGRAPHY.

You will find a lot of people, specially Arab girls at young ages, in malls and on beach, taking photos of cats, trash cans, Indian people, and old men.  She will post them all over facebook and she will give you links to see the pictures and ask for opinion. Seriously, how artistic a picture of two Indian men at a grocery store can be ?

This is a piece of art:


Arab Men: #12- KERSHA

February 19, 2009

ya 7elwa ya ba66a

Just to be honest, this is something that we Arabs share with Americas; Obesity and weight problems amongst the Arabs population – effects me as well of course – but don’t you hear people complaining about their weight and that continuous talk on diets and ways to lose or maintain wait. Mo el akel el mestawrad men the States even if it was low in sugar – low in fat would eventually add a couple of pounds since laziness is an important characteristic of us lately. We sit all day behind screens and after work we’d possibly go eat some place, let’s not forget modern age transportation. Cars fascinate me! I imagine people inside cars while driving sometimes like cartoons, you know like our feet instead of the engine – sorta like the Flintstones mobile 🙂

Leave exercise aside, Arab men LOVE those heavy yummy dishes and meals no matter how much they complain about their kersha – tummy – they would never resist a good mansafh, msakhan, koshari, kabsa, machboos! walla the Arabic sweets MmmMmmMmm 😉

Viva le kersha!

Arab Men AND Women: #1- ASS KISSING

February 18, 2009

Since we were called copiers, might as well tap on an issue many bloggers posted about before and this time as the title indicated; This is not restricted to one gender.


El wasta in Arabic countries is very crucial, you might find yourself waaaaaay up somewhere if you’re backed up by an important person or have the right recommendation. Every single door and even window is opened wide for you because someone “nice” is willing to give his word to someone else just like that.. nothing in return 7asha abadan! People’s lives would drastically change if they find the magic someone to set things on the right track, Good positions, comfortable flawless flow of errands – requests, yes believe it or not even your driver’s license could be out just like that if you know the right guy to approach.

Is it beneficial? In my personal opinion yes to some degree and in some situations but think of those who go through processes the right and legal way just waiting, probably for something that will never happen yet they never give up. I am guilty of having my own wastas; Comes by default because of my gender 😉 I can’t help but use my femininity to get some things done and I am not referring to the old fashioned slutty bitchy way, no way! I am tough as steel but some guys just can’t resist me! Ha ha hahahahahahahahahaaa Talk about confidence!


Wasta seeking might result in some sort of butt kissing – tamsee7 jokh -by some desperate individuals besides the conventional “gifts” passed under the table here and there but I witness on a daily basis some kick ass serious butt kissing and I can’t help but laugh at those fools because this would come back later on and bite them in their own butts! They would then wish they had kissed the previously mentioned ones. Some Arabs master this and others make a living out of it abusing any relation they have with others as well as jeopardizing others by overriding regulations just because we have grown so impatient and people became so materialistic (maybe in need) to take something in return of a “favor”.