Arab Men: #9- Sheesha o 9allaaa7oo oo oo


It is very interesting to see how guys would probably spend their time off – vacations sitting at some coffee shop – maqha puffing smoke just to kill time. To some, this is divine while to others it’s casual, when a group meets one pulls the other’s legs to try it out / peer pressure?!

I noticed, majority of the young Arab men, screw it even older ones who are single are probably illegible to be nominated “Smokers of the world”, It is just a priority for some! If they are not sheeshaying, then they are either playing cards someplace, stalking girls or sitting behind their monitors :p – sometimes all activities are conducted by the same person making that guy a multi-tasker = starting to be as efficient as a female! LOL

And if the Arabic man is married and if he’s a smoker, sheesha is the next best thing that probably happened to him .. umm.. well, thinking of it, his wife might be that!


10 Responses to Arab Men: #9- Sheesha o 9allaaa7oo oo oo

  1. h3rm1ny3w says:

    A sacred shisha post for women is .. coming soon :mrgreen:

  2. pokyface says:

    I hit home ha Hirmani nani :p

  3. siegex says:

    lool @ h3rm1ny3w comment 😀

    Liked the entry, PF.
    Keep it up

  4. pokyface says:

    let’s see what he has to say !

  5. chika says:

    Hehehe! I know a guy who takes sheesha breaks for prayers lol sa3eedy bas!

  6. Thank god I quit everything 2 years ago … Alhamdulillah

  7. pokyface says:

    mnee7 :p where’s the anti women sheesha post man!?

  8. h3rm1ny3w says:

    akhh poky, I got shit busy..that I actually lost that post somewhere in my brain..I have other stuff to write, watch me 😉

  9. Abdullah says:

    lol I love Shisha its my favorite sport lol jk But really this stuff is great and smoking it is fun!

  10. h3rm1ny3w says:

    it’s bad for health ! cut down on the sheesha

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