Arab Men #19: Lebanese Women

August 2, 2010

Arab Men prefer Lebanese Women, at least according to this article on MSN !  😉


Arab Women #14: Star Trek eye-brows!

September 7, 2009


Beh beh beh, that looks so real n’ genuine! Maskeen Obama bas it’s not him I am targeting, 7awajbeeno = the eye brows demonstrated in that picture above! Yes, I am speaking about my sisters out there although it’s HER13MANNNY’s job to do that, stab us in the back ;p and yes I know your nickname bas that’s how I read it. erfa3 3alay ta3weed adabi ezaaa 7a99altny !

Ma3aleina, women in the Arab world are soooo infatuated with the celebrities o artists specially abo ne9 kom female singers and the TV presenters and they imitate everything they do and akeed mostly noticed are makeup trends and fashion… 7aleema Boland any body?! @@

Eye-brows, eye-brows *sigh* … I go to the salon and I watch women shave half of them off and use henna tattoo to draw them and shape them up. 3ady and it’s their decision but what I don’t get are the demonic – “Japanese” eye-brow style!! it’s a raised line almost reaching your hair line on your forehead and the thing is, the higher it is the sexier obviously or something! shoft ekteer bas heik la2.. I am trying to anticipate the upcoming style trend for eye-brows bel 3alam el 3arabi bas I know that Egyptians started it right!? No offense people :p

I want to fess up though…

My younger sister walked into my room two days ago and cuz I didn’t have my glasses on, only thing I could see are two dark lines on her face specifically over her eyes and I was like: “yekhreb beitek 7ala2teehon!?” = did you shave’em?!

She was like no only henna tattoo and we didn’t spare her. I happen to drop by the salon as well and the lady who did my sister’s eyebrows was like: “they nice?” – “Yeah but it shows fake ya3ny, so why do it”

EB Lady: “Thin eyebrows need little tattoo better than eye liner and more natural”
Me: ” Uha, so what you want me to do mine!?”
EB Lady: “Try try, it will look very nice for you”

Five minutes of serious thinking of the consequences … AND I HAD THEM TATTOOED bas still, they look pretty natural to me:

secret is to find someone really good at this and pick the right shade of henna, also shaping them in a decent “natural” way helps ya3ny don’t make them longer that needed wala thicker.

No one said we’re anti fashion wella el moda bas everything in moderation is nice..

Next eyebrow style, one of the below :p


Although the picture is not clear 😦

Arab men: #15- Qoroon Estesh3ar

March 3, 2009

hallaa walla belle janah!

I know I know some men can’t help it – some women suffer from it as well :p but why is it such an importance in the Arab culture for men to grow these mustaches and some of them really do look hideous! la2 and what’s worse is when you are standing with someone and he’s twirling it or grooms it in front of you a33 ! I as a female feel bothered when I feel facial hair, beats me how you guys can take that thing under your nose – on top of your lips – moz3eja ya3ny.

This does not apply to all Arab countries of course but in rural areas, kol ma kan el shanab kbeer kol ma kan el rejjal REJJAL ya3ny looool ! Demonstration of strength? Sign of male beauty should we call it that?! whatever the reason is, some men go too far taking care of its shape and “cut” and they protect it sacredly o ya welo elly beyshelo! he undergoes scrutiny and sarcasm as if he committed the ultimate sin o ebyet3ayar!

yama7la el rejjal el face hairless unless he has a goatee men gheer shanabat :p

Arab Men: #14- Blondes, The faker the better!

February 21, 2009

After my buddy’s post earlier ( Fake Blondes ) I decided to revenge for my girls out there!

Why do Arab men go “ga ga” over a blondie crossing the street or driving in the street? Why all the attention to a blonde girl within a group? Far most importantly, why do Arab girls go bleach their hair and fake out their looks to become babies? I do that myself but I do it for me, it absolutely suits my skin tone and feature and am a natural blondie (runs in my family), besides I do not walk with hair that looks like an atomic bomb was thrown at! some girls have white – yellow hair, especially Lebanese women.. “trend setters” not!

Don’t you notice the attention an ugly blonde female gets in comparison with a “normal” female? and what’s up with stereotyping? Not all blondes are dumb, those cheap ones give the rest a bad image to fix so men think they are easy in a way and that’s unfair. I was listening to a radio show and in a report, it was mentioned that men’s intelligence is effected while interacting with blondes – they become “slower” because they claim that blonde women are not sophisticated enough for men to try harder to get their attention or impress them! looool! This is where I say WHAT EVER

Back to men; The main reason for women in the Arab countries acting out like that is their reaction towards what they see in the media from fake beauty and poor Arab women try their best to keep up and satisfy or even try to land guys, awkward styles – bad hair coloring – plastic surgeries you name it! I tell you we as women are driven to seek the opposite sex’s attraction but some go way too far and as I mentioned, all is equal when it comes to judgment.

Guys, learn how to distinguish between real genuine females and those who are desperate enough to change their looks – identities just for YOU which can not be named as a sacrifice, it’s sheer stupidity to lose yourself just for anyone out there!

men love blondes

Arab Men: #13- “Funky” hair-dos

February 19, 2009

arab hair styling cycle

What is up with that excessive hair gel use now? It doesn’t look “cool ya man” at all, wet look is hot but if you decide to pass your fingers – comb – stroke a one of those guys’ heads I swear gel would start dripping off their scalps! Leeesh, leesh, lematha!? Something simple and spontaneous would do the trick boys don’t go far with this, mohannad lookalike hair styling :eeekh: sha3r mzayyet and basically flattened down if one could say. That’s the geeky look. Let’s move on to the “hedgehog” hair dos; I know this is not in all Arab countries but where am at, you will be shocked to see what some guys do for attention! high spikes, colored hair! hair with highlights! hair styled with hair dryer! and it’s not just the normal things we see on TV God, I wish I found a picture online but no problems, a task for later on 🙂

Boys, gel would ruin your scalp on the long run and defiantly weaken your hair roots resulting in early baldness and now, that is truly sexy!

Arab Men: #8- “Manly” Accessories

February 16, 2009

I swear that accessories are women material people, except for a wedding band of course in order for a wife to claim her husband in public :p

No one said that you guys shouldn’t be as hip as them boys back in the West with their bling blings and grills or studs but it’s a turn off when you see a guy with a necklace around his neck and eeeew those stone rings! Even “Ew”er are those leather bracelets!


double gay

am a maaaaan

And if you wear a necklace, why use shark teeth as pendents!? Ya3ny it adds masculinity or something! Or the skull accessories! LMAO!

ana maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Will we ever see guys with nose studs!!?

Arab Men: #6- AliBaba’s shoes, or Aladdin’s possibly!

February 15, 2009




One day, Arab men (Lebanese, Syrian and Lebanese mostly) will go out in these trendy shoes!


Don’t get me wrong, a guy can sweep me off my feet with his elegance and sense of fashion but honey that “beak” is too much especially if you’re wearing tight pants or why ruin a puuurfect suit by wearing something that goes meters in front of you! I do not know why some guys are obsessed with this trend but I think it’s high time for them to give their toes some place to breathe

What’s wrong with a pair of Nike’s or Puma’s… aaahhh, I call it sex on soles :p

3aib ya banat!