Arab Women #14: Star Trek eye-brows!


Beh beh beh, that looks so real n’ genuine! Maskeen Obama bas it’s not him I am targeting, 7awajbeeno = the eye brows demonstrated in that picture above! Yes, I am speaking about my sisters out there although it’s HER13MANNNY’s job to do that, stab us in the back ;p and yes I know your nickname bas that’s how I read it. erfa3 3alay ta3weed adabi ezaaa 7a99altny !

Ma3aleina, women in the Arab world are soooo infatuated with the celebrities o artists specially abo ne9 kom female singers and the TV presenters and they imitate everything they do and akeed mostly noticed are makeup trends and fashion… 7aleema Boland any body?! @@

Eye-brows, eye-brows *sigh* … I go to the salon and I watch women shave half of them off and use henna tattoo to draw them and shape them up. 3ady and it’s their decision but what I don’t get are the demonic – “Japanese” eye-brow style!! it’s a raised line almost reaching your hair line on your forehead and the thing is, the higher it is the sexier obviously or something! shoft ekteer bas heik la2.. I am trying to anticipate the upcoming style trend for eye-brows bel 3alam el 3arabi bas I know that Egyptians started it right!? No offense people :p

I want to fess up though…

My younger sister walked into my room two days ago and cuz I didn’t have my glasses on, only thing I could see are two dark lines on her face specifically over her eyes and I was like: “yekhreb beitek 7ala2teehon!?” = did you shave’em?!

She was like no only henna tattoo and we didn’t spare her. I happen to drop by the salon as well and the lady who did my sister’s eyebrows was like: “they nice?” – “Yeah but it shows fake ya3ny, so why do it”

EB Lady: “Thin eyebrows need little tattoo better than eye liner and more natural”
Me: ” Uha, so what you want me to do mine!?”
EB Lady: “Try try, it will look very nice for you”

Five minutes of serious thinking of the consequences … AND I HAD THEM TATTOOED bas still, they look pretty natural to me:

secret is to find someone really good at this and pick the right shade of henna, also shaping them in a decent “natural” way helps ya3ny don’t make them longer that needed wala thicker.

No one said we’re anti fashion wella el moda bas everything in moderation is nice..

Next eyebrow style, one of the below :p


Although the picture is not clear 😦


8 Responses to Arab Women #14: Star Trek eye-brows!

  1. Susanne says:

    LOL at the eyebrows ..
    oh my!!!! the 2 girls in the picture with niqab…her eyebrows shaped like that just make her look furious.
    i feel sorry for all girls(and guys) who is falling for the crazy fashion trends!

  2. Wa3d says:

    so u basically shave ’em off and then tattoo them with henna ?! y3ni u don’t have hair bs some pain over ur eyes?! EWWWWWW!!!
    When I go to the salon to get mine done it is usually a battle between me and the lady making sure that she leaves them as they are just clean them up a bit . she hates me for it !

  3. h3rm1ny3w says:

    1st : Hermany fi 3eenek LOL it is Herminio !

    and LOL @ Obama el zeft !

    Yeah I notice some odd eye brows here and there…this is so…ugly !

  4. pokyface says:

    yeahhh they shave them off completely and the hair looks gross as it grows bas I didn’t reach that stage yet :p YA HERMAAANYYYYY ;p

  5. Rayan says:

    I don’t say we don’t have this ugly eye-borows but Do not circulate that on the Arab women

  6. flik says:

    HUH gettin ur eyebrows tattod? omg that’s sooo i dnno!!!!!!!! speechless
    by time they’ll turn gray mmmm? if a woman rlly needs it then i go with hinna

  7. tiktak says:

    Yuck that’s horrible! Eyebrows should never be this thin.I’d rather have bushy eyebrows than eyebrows that thin.If those women walked down the street I wouldn’t be able to walk by with a straight face.I saw many arab women particularly the fakest lebanese arab women with eyebrows like this and I was wtf?!

  8. Al Ghani says:

    I’m an arab and i believe arab women are beautiful as they are, i dunno why they follow the western extra thin and ugly eyebrow trend?that makes ’em look so not arab…

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